4 Important Tips for Disability Insurance Clients

4 Important Tips for Disability Insurance Clients

Find 4 important tips for disability insurance clients who hire a disability insurance attorney to represent them below


Fill out information completely and accurately:

When your attorney sends you a fee agreement packet, there will usually be some forms to complete asking for information about you and possibly information relative to your case.  It’s important to be sure you complete these in a timely manner, but also take your time to complete them thoroughly and accurately.  As an example, writing “Dr. Smith” as one of your doctors without including the first name of the doctor or contact information could cause confusion since “Smith” is a popular last name.


Communicate with your attorney’s office:

Before you make any major lifestyle changes or anything that could even have a remote possibility of affecting your case, be sure to reach out to your attorney’s office before making any final decisions and explain the situation to be sure it doesn’t affect what your attorney’s office is working on for you.  If someone makes contact with you regarding your case and identifies themselves as anyone other that someone from your attorney’s office, be sure to refer them to your attorney and let your attorney know about the contact.  If you start seeing a new doctor or have a visit, let your attorney know.


Exercise patience:

Attorney’s offices understand that client can be anxious.  A lot of clients are in dire straits, while most legal cases can take time.  It doesn’t mean that your attorney isn’t working hard on your case.  Even when your attorney’s office completes a task early the other side still gets their allotted time to complete their task.  There are also other players like mediators and judges who have their own timeframes.  No reasonable attorney’s office will object to a client calling for an update from time to time, but clients should realize that some unavoidable delays arise from other players.  Ideally, your attorney explains the anticipated timeframes for your case early in representation.  If not, ask.


Be Accessible:

You should have your attorney’s office number saved to your phone as a contact so that if you see that the office is calling, you know to answer it.  Reasonable attorney’s offices understand that nobody can be available all the time.  Just return phone calls or requests for information to your attorney’s office as soon as possible.  There will be deadlines to meet, so your attorney may need information from you to meet them.