Approval in Stuart, Florida

We got another client approved for disability insurance benefits, this time out of Stuart, Florida.  Client came to our office with a denial of benefits from Lincoln Financial.  The insurance company denied benefits based on no medical evidence in support of claim.  The insurance company claims they made 3 separate requests for medical records from the facility but was having difficulty in obtaining a response.  At the time of denial, the insurance company stated they had only received medical records from one doctor for two dates of service.

When speaking with the client, it was apparent that there were far more doctors than the insurance company had on file as treating physicians.  After many calls and follow-up we obtained medical records from nearly 20 different treating physicians ultimately requiring department-specific requests despite numerous offices listed under the same umbrella corporation.

Our office was able to work with the medical facilities to identify the problem, lean the identities of our client’s 20 treating physicians, get the requests sent properly, how they needed to be addressed, and then obtain the records to be sent in support of our client’s appeal.

Upon review of the abundant medical evidence, Lincoln overturned the denial and reinstated our client’s disability insurance benefits.


Don’t Rely on the Insurance Company

Remember, the insurance company may make a request (or a few), but they will not follow up on or seek out medical evidence to support YOUR claim for disability benefits as diligently as you or your attorney would.  They also cannot make a request for treating physicians that they don’t know about.  It is ultimately the claimant’s responsibility to make sure all evidence is submitted to the insurance company.  If you have been denied and need help in obtaining the evidence to support your application or appeal for disability insurance benefits, call our office to see if we can help.