Approval in South Pasadena, Florida

Client from South Pasadena, Florida came to us suffering from fatigue, dizziness, cognition issues, cardiac issues, thyroid issues, seizures, HTN, diabetes, and gout. Lincoln Insurance Company determined the client was not disabled from any occupation and could perform another job after having one of their physicians review the file and medical records from client’s treating physicians.

Lincoln used a broad scope of other occupations they stated the client could perform, with pay ranging from approximately six thousand dollars ($6,000) per month to fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) per month. Disturbingly, Lincoln suggested job titles such as Vice President of a corporation and Operations officer as the higher paying occupations, with no regard to the availability or attainability of those positions, while also ignoring the fact that our client was disabled.

Cremeens Law Group PLLC was able to successfully appeal the denial of benefits and get our client reinstated for back pay and ongoing disability benefits.