Appealing a Disability Claim

Appealing a Disability Claim

Appealing a disability claim should not be just a matter of sending in a letter that says, “I appeal”.  The disability insurance company may render a final denial based on the reasons set forth in the original denial letter.  While you can find a list of reasons we have compiled as to why your claim may have been denied, it often comes down to the insurance company not believing you are disabled.  This is often based on the opinions of physicians the insurance company relies on who have reviewed your file.

While the appeal process requires that a different administrator than the original person who reviewed your claim take a fresh look at your evidence, it doesn’t mean you should rush in to this review.  Denial letters will state how much time you have to appeal the denial.  During this time, you should review whether you have any new medical evidence that supports your inability to work, as well as any upcoming tests, visits, or procedures that could cause the appeal administrator to approve your claim.

All evidence in an ERISA case closes if the ERISA administrator makes a final decision to deny benefits.   Therefore, contacting an ERISA disability insurance law firm after you receive a denial, and before it is appealed, can allow the ERISA attorney to help obtain additional evidence in support of the appeal before the administrative record closes.  At Cremeens Law Group PLLC, several people are trained to gather additional evidence for ERISA appeals.  However, if you have limited time to submit an appeal, make sure you submit the appeal on time.

We Can Help!

Cremeens Law Group PLLC is available to review your denial and see if we can help with your appeal or filing a lawsuit under the ERISA statute.  If you receive a denial letter from a disability insurance company and would like an experienced ERISA attorney to review your disability insurance denial, contact us today to see if we can help.