2021 Long Term Disability

Do you need benefits from a 2021 Long Term Disability policy?  Were you receiving short-term disability from a disability insurance company in 2020?  Were you expecting your claim to transition from short term to long term at the end of your short-term disability period, only to find that the insurance company doesn’t find you incapable of working?

If you have a denial letter on your long-term disability insurance claim, the insurance company will tell you that you can appeal the denial.  This isn’t something to rush in to.  Before you write a short, medically unsupported letter, you may want to consult with an ERISA disability insurance attorney to see if they can help you with your appeal.  Since all evidence for an ERISA case closes with a final denial, it’s important to treat the next step in your initial denial carefully.


If you have a denial letter or you’re considering filing for your long-term disability through a disability insurance policy, calling us to see if we can be of assistance can be a useful first step.