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Florida Disability Insurance Attorney

Short & Long Term ERISA Disability Litigation


At Cremeens Law Group PLLC, our practice is built around serving the residents of Florida in these difficult situations.

In fact, disability insurance appeals and litigation are all we do.


Florida ERISA disability lawyer.  If your ERISA disability benefits were denied, contact Florida ERISA disability insurance attorney William S. Coffman Jr. at 813-839-2000

If you have a denial letter from a disability insurance company, call us to see if we can help with your appeal or case to get the disability benefits you deserve.


Working For You When You Can’t Work

Cremeens Law Group PLLC is a disability insurance litigation firm in Tampa.  We help people across the entire state of Florida.  Whether you need help with the application process and applying for your disability insurance benefits, appealing a denial from the insurance company, or filing a lawsuit in state or federal court, we can offer a free review of your case to see if our firm can help you.

Cremeens Law Group PLLC limits its practice to disability insurance litigation, primarily under the ERISA statute, and has been in business since 2003.

An Insurance Claim Denial Is Not The End

If you have received a letter denying your disability claim, there is still hope. You can appeal the decision and ask the insurance company to reconsider, but you have a limited amount of time.

To ensure that the appeal in your case is based on the most complete and persuasive information available, you need an attorney who understands the process and can work with you to gather the right documentation.

At Cremeens Law Group PLLC, we have successfully concluded thousands of ERISA disability insurance litigation cases.

We know that the best way to get results is to be gracious and diplomatic as we work with people.

When your livelihood is in someone else’s hands, as it is in the case of a disability claim appeal, it can be difficult to stay levelheaded. That is why our experienced team regularly works with administrators on behalf of our clients.

Our reputation for being respectful while advocating is one of our biggest assets because it allows us to be more efficient and effective as we present a strong case in support of your best interests.

When an initial appeal fails, all hope is not lost. We have successfully appealed disability claim decisions to federal appellate courts.

We are experienced in both state insurance law and federal ERISA law, and are willing to go the distance to help get our clients the employee benefits they are entitled to.


Evaluating Disability Insurance Claims with Attorney William Coffman


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Disability Insurance Claim FAQs

At Cremeens Law Group PLLC, our main focus is on ERISA long-term disability claims. We handle administrative appeals, litigation, and court appeals. We also represent clients who have been denied short-term disability benefits, or long-term disability benefits through a private insurer not covered by ERISA.
An experienced disability benefits attorney can assess your file and your denial letter to determine the grounds for the denial and how you can overcome that determination. This may involve finding policy terms that have been violated, identifying a need for supplemental medical documentation, or something else. It can be difficult for the insured person to effectively appeal on their own, because they may not be familiar with the relevant law and the tactics insurance companies use to deny claims.
If your disability claim has been denied, you will have a limited amount of time to appeal. Ideally, your next step would be to contact an experienced disability denial attorney right away, as it can take a few months for the attorney to obtain your file and the necessary medical information to prepare your appeal.
In an ERISA case, the insurer typically has 45 days, with a 45-day extension, to make a determination on your application. If your claim is denied, you’ll have 180 days to appeal. Though you can file your appeal sooner than that, it generally takes our firm about a month to get your file from the insurer and a few months to gather medical evidence. Once the appeal is submitted, the insurance company has another 45 days to make a determination, and this is often extended to 90 days. So, if your initial claim is denied, the time from your initial application to a determination on your appeal could be 8-9 months or more. If you have to file a lawsuit to collect benefits, the timeline is significantly longer.
Determining the value of a disability claim begins with estimating the number of remaining monthly payments and multiplying that number by the monthly benefit amount. But, money you receive a decade or more down the road won’t be worth as much as the same amount today. So, the total is reduced to net present value. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. At Cremeens Law Group PLLC, we do this calculation for every client and let them know upfront what the typical settlement value for a case like theirs is.
The time limit for filing your disability claim is governed by the terms of your disability insurance policy. If you do not have a copy of your policy, you should request one right away.
Usually not. ERISA disability cases, and some other disability cases, have an administrative appeals process. If you have exhausted the administrative appeals process and your claim has been denied, you may have to file a lawsuit to collect your benefits. But, the case will typically be decided on the record built during the appeal process and briefs submitted by your attorney and opposing counsel. In some cases, the judge may hold a bench trial, which means that the judge would be the decision-maker and there would not be a jury. In this case, you would be required to appear in court.
The best way to address delays depends on the reason for the delay, and on whether the claim falls under ERISA. In ERISA cases, there are strict deadlines for the insurance company to process claims and render a decision. In private disability insurance cases, those timelines may be governed by the policy terms. Often, a disability denial attorney will be able to negotiate with the insurance carrier to get the claim moving. And, if the plan administrator for an ERISA disability claim doesn’t follow the appropriate process, you may be able to skip ahead to a lawsuit. The best way to determine how to proceed in your case is to talk to an experienced disability lawyer as soon as possible.
We make a sincere effort to give our clients a realistic idea of what to expect. We never oversell, make big promises, or sugarcoat obstacles. And, disability appeals and litigation are all we do–our team is 100% focused in this area and extremely well versed in the relevant law and procedures.
To get started, we’ll ask for some information about you, your job, the insurance company involved, the nature of your disability, and other information. We’ll also ask you for a copy of the denial letter you received. If we need additional information as your case progresses, we’ll let you know.
When you contact Cremeens Law Group PLLC, a staff member will gather some information from you to make sure your case is the type we handle. If it looks like we will be able to help you based on that information, the next step is to speak with the attorney.
It does not. Cremeens Law Group PLLC represents people who have been denied disability benefits throughout the state of Florida.